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Travel Gift Card

Travel Gift Card

Need a good birthday wedding or anniversary gift?? Give a meaningful gift!

Purchase a TRAVEL GIFT CART fro Smartrip.  Write to [email protected] and surprise your loved ones with an original gift and do it from the comfort of your home.  Our travel Gift cards can be ordered for the sum you choose and they can be used to reserve hotels at any of our 50 partner hotels.

How does it work?

Choose the value of the gift card:

Choose a value from 20.000 higher and receive the gift card which you will be able to exchange at for a stay at any of our partner hotels.

Choose the hotel:

This option allows you to gift one or more nights at any specific one of our partner hotels.

And then?

Once you have chosen one of the above options, request the gift card at [email protected] . Then we will provide you with the next steps.

We will then send a digital format travel gift card and you can request a print ersion at our ofices- Magnere 1540, office 1007, Providencia.

The clients will receive a coded card which can be used to purchase stays at any of the over 40 hotels, with a validity of one year.

Gift a unique experience.  Gift meaningfully.

Why Smartrip?

Smartrip is the only travel agency in the world that donate 80% of its´profits to fund social projects for local communities.  Therefore, when you purchase from us, you are contributing directly to local development.


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