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With Evoluzion´s excursions, experience unique cultural immersion.

There are certain places in the world that can only be reached by those who have the key.  Smartrip and Evoluzion hand it to you on two unknown routes in the south of Chile.

Connecting with different corners of Chile in a unique way. Getting to know a culture thoroughly, living with them, enjoying their food and listening to their stories.  Reaching destinations in meaningful and memorable ways with guides and local leaders who will teach you about their culture and the lifestyle of those who live there. 

With their two new expeditions, Smartrip and Evoluzion, two socially committed companies united in their quest of responsible tourism, make this and much more is possible.

These excursions were created in 2013 at the Balloon Chile in Lonquimay project, where 60 entrepreneurs from different areas, among them local people who offer cultural and ethnic tours, were trained.  To continue optimizing these ventures, Evoluzion joins forces with Smartrip to professionalize these expeditions and offer unique adventures to the public at large.

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