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It is considered a top destination in the desert.  San Pedro de Atacama is mainly an indigenous land, today dedicated to agriculture and tourism.

The R.P. Gustavo Le Paige Archeological Museum, the Tatio Geysers, Puritama Hotsprings, and the Moon Valley are only some of the enchantments of this incredible destination that you can discover.

Find out more about San Pedro de Atacama, recommended places, activities, tips and more here.

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Valparaiso is the most important port in Chile and it is characterized by its pictureque houses perched on the 42 hills that surround the bay.

Its origens are dated back to 1536 and in 2003 it was declared World Heritage by Unesco.

Find out more about Valparaíso, recommended places, activities, tips and more here.

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Hotels in this destination

Concón is located 17 kms north of Viña del Mar and is known for its numerous seafood restaurants and for its long leaden sand beach.

Heading north along Borgoño Avenue are the Concón dunes, a unique sand ecosystem in an area that has been declared a Nature Sanctuary.

Find out more about Concón, recommended places, activities, tips and more here.

Image: Link. Michael Bier, 2008- information: travel.chile

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Valle de Colchagua is probably on of Chile´s  wine tourism´s most renowned places.

The meaning of its´ name is “place of small lagoons”, and there are many rich traditions and a lot of interesting culture to see.

Find out more about this incredible place and its surroundings here.


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Hotels in this destination

Torres del Paine: Was elected the Eighth Wonder of the World by and was recently highlighted as the fifth most beautiful place in the world by National Geographic.

The main attraction of this National Park, Biosphere Reserve, are its´ famous mountains, its´ trekking circuits that cut through forests, hills, waterfalls and lakes, with privileged views of the white covered Southern Ice Fields.

Find these and more details here.

Puerto Natales: Located on the banks of the Señoret canal, this small urban center with colorful sidewalks offers a little bit of everything to the tourist.  The Milodón Cave (Cueva Milodón)  and the Last Hope fjord (fjiordo Ultima Esperanza), are recommended sites in the surroundings.

Find out more here.

Information source: travel.chile – Photo by Pia Vergara. Photograph source: Tierra Patagonia

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Colorful houses built on stilts over the water- know as palafitos- 18th and 19th centure wooden churches, sixteen of which are declared World Heritage by Unesco, are only some of the main attractions of this incredible island.

Ancud, Castro and Quellón are its´main cities, as well as the emerging Rilan Peninsula, north of Castro. Find out more about this destination here.

Photograph source: TurismoChile

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Huilo Huilo is  known or its´ exuberant waterfalls that surpass 50 meters and for its´ humid forest that hosts a huge variety of endemic flora and fauna. It has trails that cover over 250 kms bordering lagoons, rivers and virgin beaches. 

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La Carretera Austral is one o the best scenic routes to travel.

They are a total of 200 thousand kilometers from Puerto Montt to Villa O´Higgins, that wind their way through by forests, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, fjords, mloountains and galciers and every kilometer has some photo worthy spot.

Find out more about the surrounding here.

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Pucón is located 100 kilometers southeast of Temuco and 780 kilometers south of Santiago. It is on the east coast of Villarica Lake and is well known for having a variety of casinos, restaurants, fairs and markets, hot spring routes and national parks. 

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Puerto Varas is picturesque and equipped, also known as “the city of roses” because of the many that bushes that adorn its streets. 

Houses of unequivocal German architecture, modern residential neighborhoods with beautiful gardens and the impressive and colorful Iglesia del Sagrado Corazòn de Jesùs (Sacred Heart of Jesus Church), are some of the things that make this city founded by Germans and Swiss in 1853 so attractive.

What to do? Where to go?  Find out here.

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138 kilometers from Puerto Montt is Cochamó, an almost untouched nature destination.  Its´ 20 thousand hectare matted forest, its´ granite mountains, trekking trails, together with the pumas and condors which inhabit it, are a known secret.

Parque Tagua Tagua is in Cachamó. Its´geographical characteristics have allowed this valley to maintain its virginity.  Its´ natural barriers, the Tagua Tagua Lake on one side, and the peaks of granite on the other, have protected this beautiful place from man´s intervention.

Find out more about this amazing destination here.

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“Settle on the the Pine Nuts”- this is the meaning of Parque Nacional Conguillo, currently Chile´s first Geopark and together with other protected wildlife areas of the region, makes up the Kutralcura Park and the Araucarias Biosphere Reserve.

There are 60.000 hectares and it is known for housing the imposing and active Llaima Volcano, the Sierra Nevada Glacier and four other pure and crystal water lagoons ,which connect underground, all of volcanic formation and with great richness and diversity in their ecosystems. 

The predominant arboreal species in Conguillo are the Araucarias and the Coihues.  The mammals; the Condor and the Puma, besides the Fox and the Pudú.

Find out more about its´ wonders here.

Source of information and photograph: La Baita Conguillo

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Hotels in this destination

Hotels in this destination

Hotels in this destination

Rapa Nui es la porción de tierra más aislada en el mar del mundo. Por eso su nombre "Tepito Ote Henua" (Ombligo del Mundo), como le llamaban sus antiguos habitantes. 

Esta isla es un Parque Nacional, declarado Patrimonio Mundial por la Unesco, y ofrece un clima permanentemente cálido, paradisíacas playas, increíbles paisajes, visita a los moais, volcanes, praderas, cavernas y mucho más. 

Conoce más sobre Isla de Pascua aquí

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Archipiélago de las Guaitecas está conformado por más de 40 islas e islotes diseminados en un área territorial de 459 Km2, entre el canal Moraleda y el Océano Pacífico; en donde gran parte de este Archipiélago integra la hermosa Reserva Natural de las Guaitecas.

Su principal atractivo es que se encuentra dentro de los lugares de traslado de la fantástica ballena azul e impresionantes ballenas jorobadas. También se pueden observar los delfines que acompañan las embarcaciones; como la gran comunidad de lobos marinos y pingüinos de Magallanes, además de gaviotines sudamericanos, petreles, y varias especies de gaviotas y cormoranes abundantes por estos canales.

Más información aquí.

Fuente información: - Fuente fotografía: Isla Jéchica

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Hotels in this destination

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