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Smartrip receives Inovation and Social Responsibility award from Sernatur

[2013] On World Tourism day Javier Vergara, national tourism director, gave special recognition to Juan Luis Crespo, general Manager at Smartrip.


Marking World Tourism Day and the Year of Innovation, Smartrip was awarded by Sernatur (Chile's National Tourism Service) for its innovative vision and for having a mission of social responsibility.  Javier Vergara, national tourism director, delivered the recognition to Smartrip´s general manager, Juan Luis Crespo, who stated “It is a great honor for a new company to receive this recognition of the most innovative company  from the State of Chile, especially during this year of Innovation.  It recognizes this100% Chilean social innovation which is exportable to the rest of the world”. And he added “it is a great motivation for us to continue working in order to consolidate this project”.

During the event, the sub-secretary of Tourism, Daniel Pardo said that “tourism plays a central part in our goal of achieving development and rising above poverty before the end of the decade.  This is why it is important to motivate innovation and entrepreneurship in this industry, which is considered generous and wealth spreading, as it benefits a large number of small and medium sized entrepreneurs, and decentralizing as it is spread throughout Chile generates quality and worthy work.  

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