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Are you a purposeful traveler?

Review the 10 characteristics of a Smartrip (purposeful) traveler and find out if you are one.

The purposeful traveler...


  1. A purposeful traveler is interested in unique and sustainable experiences.  
  2. Chooses hotels which are committed to the development of surrounding communities.
  3. Looks for travel opportunities that not only provide an unforgettable experience, but also generate positive impact on the community, culture and environment.
  4. Is experienced.  Looks for something out of the ordinary, not the expected. The authenticity of the experience matters.
  5. Is conscious, friendly and respectful of local cultures.
  6. Is interested in obtaining real contact with the community- to hear them and learn from them.
  7. Is restless, curious and nonconformist- a traveler who wants to contribute to change in the world.
  8. Is not so concerned with the cost of the trip, but rather with the positive impact which the trip can generate on the local community, culture and environment.
  9. Passionately retells experiences and transmits the exuberance of being a sustainable traveler, inviting others to experience alongside.
  10. They are not bound by age or gender.  They are unique and comprehend that not only must we leave a good planet for our children but good children to take care of this world.

If you meet one or more of these criteria, we invite you to travel with Smartrip, a travel agency with a social focus. 

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